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CBCS gathers expertise, resources, facilities, and equipment to identify and develop novel chemical tools to help you interrogate your particular field of interest. By drawing from our combined experience in industry and academia, our talented group has provided input to more than 400 research projects during the past five years of operation, resulting in high-impact publications, innovations, patents, and spin-off endeavours.

With the local access nodes over Sweden and their specialized services, CBCS can offer a range of services in biological and chemical support. Together we produce high-quality data and knowledge to fuel biological discovery and innovation. Please visit CBCS homepage for more information about our services.

How to place an order

Step 1: Create an account and wait for CBCS staff to accept.

Step 2: Create an order and submit.

Step 3: CBCS staff will contact you for an introduction.

CBCS UMU - Open Access instrument user club

Apply for access to CBCS UMU's microplate readers and/or high-content screening microscope.

CBCS Umeå houses several instruments to reach a broad range of assay applications. The instruments can be accessed through collaborative forms or via our open access policy. At a minor fee and after adequate training, you may book some of the instruments to operate them on your own.

Please read our terms and conditions.

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